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May 14, 2019

Meet Bryce Easley

Bryce Easley's career in musical arts spanned Virginia, New York City and Los Angeles. It was exciting, but didn’t always afford him the financial stability to take care of some lifelong dental issues. After dancing professionally for 30 years, Bryce moved back home to be near family in Williamsburg, Virginia. His love of dance continued, but his knees were ready to retire from show biz. As a result, he found a marketing job in the booming tourist industry in Williamsburg.

Suddenly Bryce had a good, steady income, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do first. Bryce had lived with gaps between his teeth all of his life. He knew he didn’t want to fix his smile until he was financially able, and until he found the best dentist for the job.

In his new marketing position, Bryce met a former dental assistant. He asked her “if money was no issue, who is the very best dentist to go to?” She immediately recommended Dr. Johnston at Norge Dental Center.

“When I went to see Dr. Johnston, he was very confident in his work and in the procedure. He agreed with other dentists I’d seen that veneers were the best way to go. He explained the procedure thoroughly to me so I felt at ease about the whole thing.”

What It's Like to Get Veneers

Veneers begin with a digital mock-up, so you can see exactly what your new smile will look like. After that, temporary veneers are fitted to your teeth. This ensures the fit, bite and look are correct. During the final procedure, an ultra-thin layer of your natural tooth surface is removed to make room for a custom-designed, durable covering. Bryce received his temporary veneers in early October, and his permanents on October 29, 2018.

“I’m glad I got them when I did. I waited for the best person,” said Bryce. He also admits to being a little obsessed with his oral hygiene now. He is “protecting his investment” as he says, brushing and flossing several times a day.“The procedure didn’t even hurt at all!” Although he’s never been scared of going to the dentist, Bryce was hesitant to have his wisdom teeth removed simply because of the possible pain and recovery of the procedure.

When Dr. Johnston started seeing Bryce, he recommended removing them, but he got veneers with the wisdom teeth in place. The experience convinced Bryce to ask Dr. Johnston to remove his wisdom teeth. He now feels more calm about asking for the procedure because he's going to a dentist he trusts.

Results and Maintaining Your Veneers

But for right now Bryce is just enjoying his new smile. “I get a million compliments on them. People never ask me where I got my teeth done, just how I get them so white. That tells me they look natural.” Beyond that, they don’t just look natural - they feel natural as well. “They feel like my actual teeth,” Bryce explains. Each veneer covers an individual tooth, so flossing, brushing and chewing can be done exactly the same as before.

Maintenance on veneers is similar to the upkeep on your natural teeth, but some key differences are important. Every six months or so, Bryce comes back to Norge Dental for his regular cleaning where they use special polish for veneers that ensures they stay bright and don’t dull down, which can happen with standard dental polish.

During his first cleaning, Bryce had tons of questions for the dental hygienist, but he said she patiently and thoroughly answered all of his questions, taking her time to show him the best way to maintain and clean his new smile. Bryce says that everyone on Dr. Johnston’s team was great to work with. “The dental assistant, hygienist and even the people at the front desk were so helpful and informative.”

Bryce wants people who struggle with confidence in their smile to know that it is absolutely worth the investment.

“One of the things I wanted to do before I passed away was smile with confidence, and now I can do that. If anyone else has that feeling, then they should do this procedure as soon as they can.” - Bryce Easley

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